Telegraphing Tyranny

In the farcical television wrestling pageants of decades ago, certain fighters had a predilection for hiding, in their trunks, mysterious metal objects.  They would produce them with a swift flourish both overt and mock-surreptitious; crack their opponent-victims in the head once or twice; then, with wide-eyed, overacted stealth, hide the cudgels again.  Every single viewer saw the nefarious deal plainly, and delectated in it.  Only the hapless referee (worked hard to pretend he) didn't know anything.  And everyone knew that his ignorance, too, was rigged. Times change.  But not the ubiquity of threat and tawdry spectacle.  Forty years later, that dirty fighter -- spiffed up for prime time but just as low as ever -- happens to be president.  Watching those blows, about which more in a moment, the American public and the press still prefer to cheer the malefactor, while nervously wondering if maybe they should start to boo, instead. Occasionally, one...(Read Full Post)