Syria accelerates arms deliveries to Hezb'allah

With unrest in Syria growing, Damascus has increased the level of arms shipments to the Lebanese terrorist group Hezb'allah. Iran is bankrolling the operation and contributing expertise on missile development, according to YNet News: With financial and political support from Iran, Damascus has also stepped up its military assistance to Hezbollah. Sources close to Hezbollah said that the flow of weapons entering the Bekaa Valley from Syria had accelerated since March, when protests erupted against the Assad regime. The scale of arms shipments is said to be so great that Hezbollah "doesn't know where to put it all." Another source said that the shipments were simply contingency measures and that "We can send it all back when things calm down in Syria." Latest weapon deliveries to the Lebanon-based militant group include, according to The Australian, advanced Scud D surface-to-surface missiles, which can carry a one-ton warhead and have a range of 700km - placing all of Israel, Jordan...(Read Full Post)