Spending Addiction Must End, If Not Now, When?

Most Americans are now face-to-face with the fact that their elected representatives in Washington are hard-core spendaholics. Up on the Hill pols are mainlining, smoking, snorting, and popping trillions of dollars faster than they can make the stuff. Taxpayers have shelled out more and more of their income whenever both political parties come a beggin' for a raise in the debt ceiling, bailouts, or other must-have vanity entitlement programs (Let's Move). The feds have turned honest citizens into cash-strapped, frustrated, and ineffectual enablers. But sooner or later enablers hit bottom. Worn out and broke from bailing out the dysfunctional parasites in their lives they stop rationalizing the addicts' lies, threats and abusive behavior. After enduring daily apocalyptic pleas for help, constituents who once succumbed to the same old political paradigms, electing or re-electing candidates with the best PR, finally surrender to a power greater than the corrupt officials inside the...(Read Full Post)