Sidestepping a Stock Market Crash

Only the Republican leadership can prevent President Obama from undermining the legislative process.  The President has devised a strategy that has bamboozled Republicans into approving legislation they otherwise might not have.  A clear understanding of Obama's approach may help the Republicans parry the President's current thrust to raise the federal debt limit. On Friday, Rush Limbaugh revealed Obama's technique:  "In order to keep the public in the dark about what he's doing and to bypass the usual legislative process, Obama waits until the last minute for everything.  He doesn't get involved in talks until the final moments, then, when he does get involved, the meetings are in secret."  This perfectly describes Obama's steps to date in his debit-limit match with the Republicans.  Rush continues:  "He comes out of the meetings framing the issues and some deal gets cut, and the public really has no idea what the details are until there is a vote....(Read Full Post)