Rupert Murdoch's Journalism, and that of the NY Times

Rupert Murdoch's rivals are full of glee. Finally, the big bad old boy had overreached, and is in big trouble. Better yet, the virtue of the nice, good, clean papers like the NY and LA Times shine even better by contrast. Hurray!But, without even being the devil's advocate, I would argue that precisely the opposite is the case.For what is the role of the papers? To engage in journalism. And what is journalism but informing the public of what's going on? Now tell me, all of you who are righteously enraged at Murdoch -- did he fail in that particular mission, the mission of journalism? Granted, the methods of getting the information were highly unethical, and possibly illegal. But were his customers -- the readers -- served well? Did he fulfill the journalistic mission of informing the public?The answer is a resounding "yes" -- but can the same be said of the likes of the NY, or LA Times? Of the papers that were dragged by the internet publications, kicking and screaming, to even...(Read Full Post)