Rand Paul to Filibuster a Debt Limit Deal?

Senator Rand Paul is saying no debt limit increase without sending a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget to the states.  Paul is threatening to filibuster a debt deal that lacks a balanced budget proposal.  The Kentucky senator is adding his voice to that of Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) and other leading congressional conservatives.   DeMint is raising the stakes in the high stakes game on the debt limit.  DeMint is declaring that congressional Republicans who support a debt deal minus a balanced budget amendment could face primary opposition from the right in next year's elections. Reports are that Democrats and Republicans are currently deadlocked in their debt limit negotiations.  There's an August 2 deadline for increasing the national debt limit.  Some reports suggest that some congressional Republicans may be open to a "mini-debt limit" deal, one that increases the federal debt limit for one and a half years.  Such a...(Read Full Post)