Rachel Maddow Goes to Bat for Late-Term Abortion

I have to admit, I occasionally like watching Rachel Maddow.  Her show is more comedy than commentary.  She has such confidence that her wit is so acerbic and seems so pleased with herself after delivering it that watching her fall flat can be pretty entertaining.  It's almost like watching an unfunny Jon Stewart where the sarcasm just doesn't bite, but there is plenty of unintentional humor to be found. But in a recent rant, the unscrupulousness of what she said was just too much to bear, and I couldn't just chuckle it off.  Rachel Maddow laments our country's acceptance of the "common wisdom" that the emergence of the Tea Party has changed the focus of the Republican constituency.  She contends that the rhetoric of the 2010 Congressional campaigns skewed the issues to present a more budget-minded conservative America that has cast aside its roots on social issues, but in reality, Republicans, Tea Party affiliated or not, are still just the same theocratic...(Read Full Post)