Perry's Practical Point

Writing at Real Clear Politics in an article entitled Rick Perry's Roots: A World of Difference From Washington, Erin McPike includes some quotes from Perry's book, Fed Up! which we all should take to heart. Perry, an adamant states' rights/small federal government advocate cites Thomas Jefferson's concern that government should not grow so large as to prevent participation of the people. Noting that congressional districts which initially represented on average 60,000 constituents now represent 700,000, Perry wrote: "So today, then, we should be even more vigilant in our effort to bring decision making back to the state and local level." He goes on to make this plainly practical point: "Ask yourself this: Are you most likely to gain the attention of the president or your local mayor? Your U.S. senator or your local city councilman? . . . Your city council, your mayor, your local school board, and often even your state representative are people who live and work in your...(Read Full Post)