Perry readies announcement for second half of August

It's not a very well kept secret that Rick Perry will almost certainly run for president. The signs have been there for months. But GOP voters have been disappointed in the past year when several high profile conservatives dipped a toe in the water and decided not to take the plunge. This has made Perry's Minuet with the press and potential GOP supporters more newsworthy. Will he or won't he? Sarah Palin is probably wondering too. RealClear Politics: While Perry has focused on determining whether he can raise the funds necessary to run a credible campaign, his strategists have begun locking down verbal commitments from vendors and other potential top staff who would fill out a campaign organization. One who was contacted about a senior staff position was told, "This is a 99 percent sure thing." Another said he was told, "He is 100 percent in." That wouldn't seem to leave much margin of error, but a third vendor who was approached said that while Perry's political circle is lining up...(Read Full Post)