Peggy Noonan's Dear Barack letter

America is clearly over its B.O. infatuation. Even Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal can't get far enough away from Barack Obama fast enough to make us forget her former support for him. But she couldn't be more forceful in her denunciation of the politician formerly known as "The One:"  ...nobody loves Obama....Nobody smiles when they talk about Mr. Obama... He has supporters and bundlers and voters, he may win. But his support is grim support. Other than the absurd "he may win" part, I concur. When Ms. Noonan inquired among B.O. supporters, her findings remained consistent:  Here are the words of a hard-line progressive and wise veteran of the political wars: "I never loved Barack Obama. That said, among my crowd of those who did 'love' him, I can't think of anyone who still does...He "doesn't exude any feeling that what he says and does is genuine." These are remarkably harsh words from a former fan of Obama. The sense of betrayal is nearly overwhelming. For those...(Read Full Post)