Party Like It's 1989

Amid all the hubbub and brouhaha over the debt ceiling - the recriminations, the counter-recriminations, the walkouts and the press conferences-cum-temper-tantrums, the most important question for conservatives has yet to be answered: When can we start celebrating? Two hours before I began this article, CNN reported that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will be introducing a plan to cut spending by $2.5 trillion, with no revenue increases.  Of course, like everything congressional Democrats say these days, and much of what they do, the statement, by itself, unaccompanied by specific cuts (about which we will learn soon enough), is meaningless.  But even so, the mere fact of Reid offering spending cuts - and trillion-plus cuts at that - without a demand to raise taxes, represents, at best, a major capitulation.  A more uncharitable interpretation would characterize it as a total surrender, an unambiguous de facto admission that the GOP has won the so-called the debt...(Read Full Post)