Obama's selling but Americans aren't buying

Obama's poll numbers tanked this week.

Gallup went from 46-46 to 42-50 and Rasmussen from 49-50 to 45-54.

Maybe some people are tuning out not only Obama but the media's attempt to make him look the adult in the debt ceiling debate.   Class warfare gets tiring after a while.

Obama and the MSM will never say it, but the health reform act increases taxes on people Obama regards as rich to the tune of 50 billion a year at the start and over a 100 billion a year within 5 years.  The calls for sacrifice by the high earners ignore this totally.

These tax increases and the cuts in Medicare (which will be largely illusory) are to pay for a massive entitlement expansion: 100 billion a year to start, over 200 billion within 5 years, and multiples of that if Rand study on companies which will drop insurance, proves accurate.   And most of the cost is for a new middle class entitlement, not for the poor, or those with pre-existing conditions.