Obama's abandons base, shoots for the middle

It's one thing I've been trying to tell my conservative friends for years about Obama; he has no principles, no set ideology, no governing philosophy. If throwing liberals under the bus is a means to achieve power, he will do it - as he is doing now, and will continue to do until the election.  Andrew Malcolm: The nation's top talker uttered 4,526 words in those remarks. He said "balanced approach" seven times, three times in a single paragraph. That's the giveaway. Obviously, David Plouffe and the incumbent's strategists have been polling phrases for use in this ongoing debt duel, which is more about 2012 now than 2011. "Balanced approach" is no sweet talk for old Bernie or tea sippers on the other side. Obama is running for the center already, aiming for the independents who played such a crucial role in his victorious coalition in 2008. They were the first to start abandoning the good ship Obama back in 2009 when all the ex-state senator could do was talk about healthcare,...(Read Full Post)