Obamanomics and the commodities redistribution boom

The carefully crafted economic policies of Barack Obama are paying dividends as more and more people are getting up in the wee hours of the morning to work in the covert commodity redistribution business.  Many of our country's most vulnerable individuals are finding work during the 'Summer of Recovery II.'  Ex-convicts, the socially disadvantaged, those lacking strong math and technical skills and even those considered to be 'the hard-core unemployed' are finding ways to profit as the Obama recovery chugs along.  The green shoots of the burgeoning iron, steel and copper recycling business are popping up all over the country.   In the past few months recycled iron has been a hot commodity in spite of its relatively low salvage value and difficulty in procurement and transportation.  In Rockford, Illinois, 60 iron manhole covers were appropriated from the city in a spring flurry of covert recycling activity.  A run on drain grates and...(Read Full Post)