ObamaCare: The Antithesis of the Founders' vision

Matt Sissel, an Iraq war veteran, is suing the federal government over the individual mandate in ObamaCare. His lawyer Paul J. Beard the 2nd, recently wrote an article in The Objective Standard laying out the legal arguments against the mandate. Atty. Beard's article also tackles the anti-American character of President Obama's Healthcare plan. Excerpt: Matt Sissel is a young entrepreneur who is pursuing the American dream. After returning from military service in Iraq and paying his way through art school, he opened a studio in Iowa City, where he sells his fine art and offers art lessons. Until recently, Matt's entire focus had been on furthering his education and art business. So he made the considered judgment to forgo some luxuries-such as health insurance... But the federal government couldn't care less about Matt's priorities and choices.  Beginning in 2014, it will force Matt, along with almost every other American, to buy a comprehensive, government-approved...(Read Full Post)