Obama, the taxman cometh

The grim determination with which Barack Obama and his minions continue to pursue tax increases for Americans brings to mind a story told of Mulla Nasruddin, a satirical Sufi sage thought to have lived in the 13th century. The tale is told of a tax collector who fell into the reflecting pond on his way into the Treasury building. Unable to swim and weighted down with the gold he had extracted from the local citizenry, he flailed about wildly while crying for help. A group of men formed a human chain, hand-to-hand and reached out to the tax collector, imploring him to: "Give me your hand!" The tax collector ignored them and continued to thrash about. They again entreated him to "Give me your hand!" The tax collector continued to ignore the men and began to sink beneath the surface. Finally Mulla Nasruddin saw the commotion and approached the scene. The men told them of their inability to rescue the tax collector and asked the great sage to help them. Agreeing to help, Naruddin...(Read Full Post)