Obama Should Withhold His Vacation Dollars

Instead of Obama bullying Social Security recipients who have already paid their dues, why doesn't he ask his wife to shut down her $4.5 billion Let's Move program?  How about scrapping the $350 million that goes annually to Planned Parenthood?  In response to nationwide cheating scandals, Education Secretary Arne Duncan should hand over that $4.3 billion Race to the Top fund. Sound good? How about revoking UN membership and save taxpayers over $2 billion in dues? NPR's member stations raked in over $430 million from the government coffers for fiscal 2011 according to The Wall Street Journal. Weren't its executives caught on tape saying that most of the stations would survive "if federal funding was revoked?" Next, let's declare a moratorium on Presidential vacations. The Boston Globe reported the Obamas are returning to Blue Heron Farm in Chilimark on Martha's Vineyard in mid-August. The $28 million property, owned by timber merchant and Republican donor William Van...(Read Full Post)