Obama-Boehner 'Grand Bargain' an invitation to disaster

It really doesn't matter that much what would be in a debt ceiling/budget cutting bill that would meet the approval of Obama and Boehner. Not only is it already appearing dead in the water as right and left skewer it, but because it is bound to be thrown together in a panic, the unintended consequences that would flow from carelessness or thoughtlessness would be severe. Politico: With just 12 days left until the Treasury Department runs out of money, major elements will have to be subject to legislation to be completed by Congress under a tightly written schedule. But the goal is to combine appropriations cuts, entitlement reforms and tax overhaul in a single endeavor to more than match the $2.4 trillion increase in the debt ceiling needed to get past the 2012 elections. The size of the revenue target is still a sticking point, as is the mechanism to ensure that the needed legislative changes - for tax and entitlement reform-get done before this Congress ends. Boehner and Obama are...(Read Full Post)