NYT Making the Motives Clear

It's hardly any news to AT readers and other thinking conservatives that the elitist left operates on the idea that only their coterie of "educated" intelligentsia can possibly know what is good for the "unwashed" masses - and ought, by right have the power to make life's decisions and enforce them on everyone else. It's also hardly news that the New York Times is the nation's major mouthpiece for promotion of this thinking and simultaneously propounds in its pages agendas intended to undermine traditional American culture and morals. Today, however, one of the Timesers has let slip an outright admission of this core ideology. Columnist Neil Genzingler, writing in the "City Critic" column on the first page of the Sunday Metropolitan Section makes it abundantly clear: Perhaps you've noticed the trend among certain people these days to decide that certain other people are not living acceptable lives and must be reformed. I'm all for the concept, so long as I'm the one deciding what's...(Read Full Post)