New study shows lowering salt intake doesn't help

Say it loud, say it proud: please pass the salt.  All those people hectoring me all those years to cut back on salt have been pushing phony advice, according to a major new study. Sophie Borland in the UK Daily Mail: Research involving nearly 6,500 people concluded that there was 'no strong evidence' that lowering levels in the diet reduced the risk of heart disease or premature death.In fact it found that cutting back on salt actually raises the likelihood of death in some patients with heart problems. The researchers from Exeter University say that the benefits of cutting back on salt may have been 'overestimated'. They also point out that there are other important lifestyle factors such as eating fruit, taking exercise, following a low-fat diet and not smoking which will also affect the health of an individual. Frankly, I never believed that a substance my mindy, body, and palate craved, a substance it needs for life itself, could be all that bad. Food tastes better "well...(Read Full Post)