Neo-Soviet Russia crawls back toward darkness

Events in Vladimir Putin's Russia in recent weeks were such that even seeing them reported by unimpeachable sources does not make it easy to believe they occurred. First, Putin instructed his entire cabinet that each of them must contribute a month's pay to building a statue to glorify mass-murdering dictatorial Tsarist lunatic Pyotr Stolypin, famous for hangings using a rope which became known as "Stolypin's necktie." Then, as if to make Putin proud, Russia launched itself upon a series of totalitarian measures at which perhaps even Stolypin might have winced. It announced sweeping new measures to control the content of blogs. It banned handicapped people from the St. Petersburg subway system. It banned whole litanies of commercial aircraft, threatening to bring passenger air travel in Russia to a screeching halt. It banned an attempt a former prime minister to organize a political party that could challenge Putin in parliamentary elections. And then, for perhaps the first time, the...(Read Full Post)