Lightbulb bill probably going down to defeat in House

While a majority probably support repealing federal lightbulb standards, the rule by which Republicans brought the bill to the floor - requiring two thirds support - means the measure will probably die. The Hill: The Better Use of Light Bulbs Act, H.R. 2417 would end federal bulb standards passed in 2007 that Republicans have since held up as a prime example of federal overreach. House Republicans brought up the bill under a suspension of the rules, which requires two-thirds of voting members to support it. That means even though a majority might support it, it is unlikely to be approved Tuesday in light of Democratic opposition. Suspension votes are generally reserved for non-controversial bills, although this is not the first time Republicans have risked failure by putting a bill on the suspension calendar. In February, for example, the House rejected two bills in this manner -- one instructing the Obama administration to seek repayment from the United Nations, and other to extend...(Read Full Post)