Less guns, more crime?

The dynamics of Chicago's--and other cities'--"long hot summer (not to mention the other seasons) of gun violence" are complex, linked to and part of other related social pathologies such as teen pregnancy, fatherless homes and poverty endemic among certain racial and ethnic groups more than others. As further noted"The city that has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation - and vigorously enforced -"But no matter how the strict gun control laws are vigorously enforced, and Illinois now has the dubious, or honorable, depending on your point of view, distinction as the only state in the nation prohibiting concealed carry, those who want guns will get guns. Easily. Those with murder, revenge or robbery on their minds are not intimidated by such minor nuisances as gun control laws. Guns are freely available for those who want them no matter what the pesky law states. The law abiding citizens however are effectively disarmed, vulnerable in their stores, in an auto...(Read Full Post)