Lennon's freedom

As to the report that John Lennon's politics evolved to the point that he favored Ronald Reagan, it's hearsay, and I am not a fan of posthumous claims about people's political transformations.  However, I always liked Lennon's irreverent but mostly harmless humor.  He seemed to be someone who was searching. I can't imagine (no pun intended) being a kid from Liverpool rising to such fame at an early age -- that's too heady for most people to handle even later in life.  In his youthful 20s, he was a bit of a prisoner to his fame.  I thought his comment that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus was more a young man's inartful critique of the culture and misplaced values than an affront to Christianity.  I've read reports that he was taken in by radical leftists, inculcated and used.  An intelligent man, he lacked a network of values supporters, and was susceptible.  If his views did later evolve, I can understand why -- he learned what so many...(Read Full Post)