LA Lawsuit Bait (updated)

Los Angeles Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa has on his desk legislation that will empower bicyclists and their lawyers to go after motorists in a lawsuit gambit that is all upside and no downside. Motorists, meanwhile, have no upside, only a downside. A KPCC Radio report explains: This week, the Los Angeles City Council approved a new ordinance with tough measures against drivers who harass bicyclists. It prohibits motorists from distracting, threatening or assaulting cyclists. Moreover, it awards a minimum liability of $1,000, even in the absence of damages, plus lawyer fees for successful complainants. However, if the driver wins the case, the ordinance does not provide for his or her legal fees Kevin Roderick of LA Observed covers the heated discussion that broke out over Los Angeles's public radio airwaves yesterday. KCRW and KPCC are both public broacasting entities: The L.A. culture war between drivers and bicyclists was in full view this morning on KPCC's "Airtalk." The...(Read Full Post)