'Jesus is a Muslim and worships Allah'

Welcome to the upside down world of Muslims Against Crusades (MAC).  Great Britain's radical Muslim group now claims that Jesus Christ was a Muslim.  According to their website:   The truth is when Jesus was sent to his people he came with the same message of all previous Messengers such as Moses, Abraham and Noah - that God is one and submission to Him is exclusive.  Jesus throughout his life and mission believed in one God and preserved this concept throughout his life.  He did this by ensuring that all actions and deeds were based upon the laws of God.  Furthermore those who contradicted these laws were rejected and opposed.   Jesus led a life of submission to His Lord which is the essence of Islam.  Islam means the true submission to the will of God alone and anybody that adheres to this mission is called a Muslim.  Islam is the divine message revealed by God which all Messengers and Prophets followed and called to; including...(Read Full Post)