Holder's Justice Department bullying banks

A cadre of racialists bent on achieving social justice via reparations from banks to minority communities has been installed by Eric Holder in the Department of Justice. They are using legal bullying tactics to intimidate banks into once again loaning mortgage money to people who have no ability to pay it back. Banks have even been forced to post signs in the facilities informing customers that welfare payments can count as income to apply to mortgage applications. In a  stunning article from Investor's Business Daily, Paul Sperry lays out how the DoJ activists work, and how they think. Most damning of all, the DoJ bullies hide their flimsy legal reasoning behind confidentiality agreements they include in out of court settlements As part of settlement deals, prosecutors have required banks to sign "nondisclosure agreements" barring them from talking about the methods used to allege discrimination. Bank lawyers contend the prosecutors are trying to hide the shaky legal grounds on...(Read Full Post)