He rescued us?

On Sunday, on Meet the Press, Treasury Secretary Geithner said "The Amercian economy was falling off the cliff in the Fall of 08 and the first months of [President Obama's] Administration and he put in place the most creative, the most forceful set of economic measures we have ever done as country, and because of that we prevented a second Great Depression ...." If you haven't seen this performance, you should -- the forcefulness and conviction with which the Secretary delivered these lines is impressive. There's something I don't understand. Why didn't David Gregory, the host of MTP, laugh in Geithner's face? And then ask, in a voice exuding incredulity, "Are you kidding?" Personally I believe that the notion that we were headed for a second Great Depression (hereafter SGD) in 2008-09 preposterous. But let's indulge Secretary Geithner for a moment. Let's assume that our economy was falling off a cliff. I can understand an argument (with which I profoundly and intensely disagree) that...(Read Full Post)