Happy Birth Day South Sudan!

Country #193 celebrated its birth into the world of democracy on Saturday while the band played "I Will Follow Jesus."  Not concerned about the tedious arguments over "separation of church and state," the Republic of South Sudan endured decades-long labor pains to create a state with church...free of Islamic persecution and destruction.  While the world's attention was frantic over the Arab Spring, bubbling underneath was another spring of cool waters refreshing the tree of liberty.   The Rev. Franklin Graham (son of Baptist evangelist Rev. Billy Graham) has been faithfully working in the trenches of Sudan, both north and south, since 1993 under the international relief organization of Samaritan's Purse (www.samaritanspurse.org) based out of Boone, North Carolina.  For the 8.2 million people, they have been operating hospitals, providing food, clothing, shelter, clean water, re-built hundreds of war-destroyed churches, and 140 primary schools.  "We must...(Read Full Post)