Hail Caesar (Rodney)! An American Hero

When Congressman Michael Castle (R-Delaware) introduced the bill which would become Public Law 105-124 he could little imagine that approximately 147 million of his fellow Americans would take an active interest in the project.  The State Quarters Program was authorized in 1997 and the first commemorative coin made its debut in 1999.  The design for the reverse of each coin was carefully selected to honor a person, event, place or symbol which would best represent each state, and each new quarter was released in order of their admission to the United States. Most Americans can readily identify the reverse image for Illinois (Abraham Lincoln), South Dakota (Mount Rushmore), Alabama (Helen Keller), North Carolina (Wright Brothers first flight) or Arizona (Grand Canyon), but some of our fellow citizens may struggle to identify the significance of the images for other coins including Utah ( golden spike completing the first transcontinental railroad) and Hawaii (King...(Read Full Post)