Geithner's Tattered Credibility

With the debate over the nation's debt ceiling reaching a boiling point, the Obama administration has stepped up its misinformation game, trotting out Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to cover point. Geithner made the Sunday morning circuit this past weekend, persisting in the ruse that a failure to raise Washington's borrowing authority will result in an inability to pay certain bills.  In reference to Congress, he informed Chris Wallace of Fox Sunday, "We're almost at the edge.  I never thought they would take it this close to the edge and let politics get in a way of demonstrating -- well, will we pay our bills on time?" Continuing, the Treasury Secretary warned us specifically that "[t]here are millions and millions of Americans that depend on those checks coming on time -- not just people from the military, but people who get Social Security benefits, Medicare and Medicaid benefits. And we cannot put those payments at risk and we do not have the ability to limit the...(Read Full Post)