Gaza Flotilla Foiled: Pro-Palestinians Attempt 'Flightilla'

Perhaps the timing is a coincidence, but it appears that after several foiled attempts by the Audacity of Hope, along with others who wanted to join the Freedom Flotilla's efforts to breach the Israeli coastal blockade of Gaza, pro-Palestinians have devised a new plan.  In light of Greece preventing their sea bound departure, hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists have organized flights to the West Bank that would take them into Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport beginning the evening of Thursday, July 7.  But, the organizers deny the connection to the 2nd Gaza Flotilla claiming they are participating in an event called "Welcome Palestine." "Welcome Palestine," dubbed "aerial flotilla"or "flightilla" by some, is a new tactic that has gotten a great deal of attention from the Israeli government and their police agencies. The airport strategy is supported by 40 Palestinian NGO's with members who are hoping to get on their flights, land in Ben-Gurion Airport and, when...(Read Full Post)