Gaddafi isn't going anywhere

Not only are the rebels failing to make much headway against the dictator's forces, but France now is urging the opposition to begin talks with Gaddafi and pull them out of the quagmire NATO is in. Reuters: The Libyan leader is refusing to quit and the rebels have been unable to make a decisive breakthrough toward his stronghold in the capital despite support from Western warplanes. DEAL "TAKING SHAPE" France said on Tuesday a political way out of the conflict was now being looked at, and that Gaddafi's emissaries have been in contact with NATO members to say he is ready to leave power. "A political solution is more than ever indispensable and is beginning to take shape," French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said in Paris. But it was not obvious how negotiations could persuade Gaddafi to change his mind and relinquish power, especially at a time when the Western alliance ranged against him is showing signs of wavering. French President Nicolas Sarkozy is under pressure to find a...(Read Full Post)