France may consider deal that keeps Gaddafi in Libya

We've predicted this since it became clear that Libya was a quagmire. Unless NATO wants to send in ground troops to physically remove him, there was no way the rebels would ever be strong enough to depose him. Hence, a deal to stop the fighting would have to take into account Gaddafi staying in Libya. CNN: France may consider a post-war Libya with Moammar Gadhafi remaining in the country if he quits politics as part of a cease-fire deal to end the conflict with the NATO-backed rebels, the French foreign minister said Wednesday. "One of the possibilities is that he (Gadhafi) remains in Libya," Alain Juppe told French news channel LCI. "But on the condition that he stays away from Libyan political life. This is what we are waiting for before we begin the political process for a cease-fire." State-run Libyan TV played an audio message from Gadhafi Tuesday saying that he will never surrender. He also called on civilians and armed citizens to march on rebel territories in the east and...(Read Full Post)