Food Totalitarians on Parade - Part Deux

Well that didn't take long. Yesterday, in a post discussing a New York Times op-ed that called for heavy taxation on "unhealthy" foods, I asked, "How long before some starry-eyed but angry-faced Democrat proposes legislation to force 'healthy food' advertising?" Now The Daily Caller reports that food producers could face government regulations requiring "healthy" composition profiles for foods marketed to children two to seventeen years old. If enacted, new regulatory criteria will reclassify many foods which the FDA presently considers healthy as off limits for advertising to children. In the present formulations, eighty-eight of the top 100 most-consumed foods will be considered ineligible for advertising. "Unhealthy" foods won't be able to be marketed using in-store displays, TV, radio, the Internet, printed media, movie theater concessions, video games, and various other outlets. A Kraft Foods official points out that while "food and beverage companies should market responsibly to...(Read Full Post)