Did Obama Administration Pressure Teachers Into Cheating?

A week ago Secretary of Education Arne Duncan sat down with MSNBC'S Andrea Mitchell to discuss the need for educational reform. In the interview Duncan touted "some states and some districts that in these tough economic times are being very creative and doing some really innovative things, others are paralyzed..." Since then investigations into two school districts, Baltimore and Atlanta, have confirmed widespread cheating on standardized tests occurring under Duncan's watch. "Creative" and "innovative" might not be synonymous with "cheating" but a July, 2009 Washington Post article featuring a video interview with President Obama raises some very serious questions about the administration's role in the latest school scandals. The former CEO of Chicago Public schools blitzed across the country back in 2009 flush with billions of dollars in stimulus monies. The $4.3 billion allocated to Duncan's 'Race to the Top' program was used as leverage to lure school districts to "embrace reform...(Read Full Post)