Defending the Full Faith and Credit of the United States

The people are waking. The biggest challenge facing America is the entitlement mentality, particularly regarding pensions and retiree medical benefits. Those who quail at the thought of dealing with the problem fear the greater victim strategy that has become the hallmark of Democrats and liberals in general. How can we delay Social Security checks?  What we need is an honorable citizen who was entitled but put his country first.  I know of one.  He is my second cousin seven generations removed, Colonel Joseph Hodgkins.  Those of you who saw the History Channel's series The Revolution will remember that name.  He first entered the story of the American Revolution as Lt. Hodgkins of the Ipswich militia on the night of Paul Revere's ride.  His service continued through the Battle of Bunker Hill, Dorchester Heights, on to Brooklyn Heights, Harlem Heights, Princeton, a winter suffering the effects of a smallpox inoculation at Valley Forge and then on to...(Read Full Post)