Dark days for America

Everywhere we turn we are reminded of how far America has fallen and continues to fall. It has been less than three years since Obama and the lefties gained virtually unchecked power, and we the people are gasping for air, trying to avoid drowning in a floundering economy. It is reported that 80% of us do not trust government.  Keep in mind that the Constitution established a republic in which elective representatives are to be servants of the people and the states, and that the individual citizen is to be treated with respect and dignity.  The 80% distrust level tells us that our government is an epic failure. Without trust there is no legitimacy. The political class is destroying the nation's wealth at an alarming rate. Nowhere in history, ancient or recent, has a nation been able to spend money beyond its means the way we are, without doing severe damage to the people. The irresponsible fiscal policies of Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Italy are there for all to...(Read Full Post)