Dark days for America

Everywhere we turn we are reminded of how far America has fallen and continues to fall. It has been less than three years since Obama and the lefties gained virtually unchecked power, and we the people are gasping for air, trying to avoid drowning in a floundering economy.

It is reported that 80% of us do not trust government.  Keep in mind that the Constitution established a republic in which elective representatives are to be servants of the people and the states, and that the individual citizen is to be treated with respect and dignity.  The 80% distrust level tells us that our government is an epic failure. Without trust there is no legitimacy.

The political class is destroying the nation's wealth at an alarming rate. Nowhere in history, ancient or recent, has a nation been able to spend money beyond its means the way we are, without doing severe damage to the people. The irresponsible fiscal policies of Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Italy are there for all to see, and yet we are headed inexorably down the same road.

Unemployment and under employment are in the high teens. The end of this tragedy is nowhere in sight.  Last year over 1 million homes were repossessed.  The housing market remains anemic.

Billionaires Steve Wynn and Warren Buffet, both originally supporters of Obama, are now blasting his anti-business rhetoric and policies. See here and here.

Regulations are strangling the private sector.

America's space program, once a source of pride for all Americans and the envy of the world, has for all practical purposes ended.

Depressing stories like this appear almost daily, yet Obama and his acolytes always give us the same prescription; give us more time and give us more money. Those of us in the private sector don't need more money; no, no!! We need to send more money to Washington.

 Every individual, every family, every business, every municipality, and every state must operate with a balanced budget or face bankruptcy; but not, we are told by Obama and the lefties, the federal government. To them, money just falls out of the sky like manna from heaven. 

Therefore, we can forget the blather coming out of Washington about fiscal discipline. They have no intention of reining in the out of control spending. The most optimistic projections of any of these "deals" will still see us in the red for years to come, especially when the full effects of Obamacare kick in.

We can also dismiss their gaseous bilge about compassion, caring, and virtue; they are none of these.

There seems to be no way out. Our government is so now so large and so dysfunctional that no realistic solutions can seem to be found; instead of serving us, our government seems intent on destroying the American way of life that we have enjoyed. More individual wealth will surely be sucked into the maw of a greedy and gluttonous government run by a greedy, gluttonous, and corrupt political class.

It is we the people who will continue to pay the price for this recklessness. Even worse, in my view, is that they simply do not care. The ideology comes first.

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