Caylee Anthony's Legacy

Rather than depending on government to prevent another tragedy such as Caylee Anthony's, I would suggest a proactive solution based on the way we teach young sailors in our Junior Fleet sailing class. We make it a rule that the kids always wear their lifejackets with a whistle attached. The only time they are allowed to remove their lifejacket is when they are under direct adult supervision. They are allowed to swim without their lifejackets only when an adult is there and watching them. This way the kids develop good habits. And they know that if they blow their whistle, it means they need help, right now. Screaming can be a result of reacting to being splashed or other typical kids' behaviors. Blowing the whistle is a deliberate act. We also teach them to take a deep breath and hold it whenever they feel like they are going to fall into the water. This prevents them from gasping with their faces in the water. If their lungs are already full, they cannot inhale more air or water. So...(Read Full Post)