Carmageddon - The Untold Story

I overplayed my hand when I tried to bet people that the 405 would be open on time. When they looked at me suspiciously and ask 'why', I foolishly told them. After listening to my explanation, no one would take me up on the bet. How did I know it would be done on time or early? Argument one: The construction company and the workers had 'skin' in the game - capitalism at work. I read in countless articles about the penalties that would be incurred for every 10 minutes over deadline but only once did I hear of the $300,000 bonus to be paid for opening the freeway early or being on time. Next, every worker did everything needed. There were no required union breaks, lunches or special permission to do a task outside of one's job description. If a nail needed to be driven, it was driven. No waiting for an employee whose 'contract' permitted him to drive it or waiting until the guys came back from lunch or mandatory breaks. This allowed them to work as a team (like basketball)...(Read Full Post)