Captain of 'Audacity of Hope' Arrested

No Captain, no sailing. That seems to be the latest situation for the 'Audacity of Hope,' as it attempts to join a Freedom to Gaza flotilla aimed at breaking the coastal blockade of Gaza. The American citizen and captain of this vessel, John Klusmire is accused of disobeying Greek authorities and putting all of his passengers in jeopardy. He was asked to report to Piraeus police headquarters on Saturday and will remain there until his court hearing on Tuesday. He is facing charges of trying to leave port without permission and endangering the lives of the boat's passengers. The second indictment would be a felony. One of the American organizers of the flotilla, Jane Hirschmann, added that Klusmire is also being charged with disturbing sea traffic. "This is intimidation... They're making an example of our captain to stop other boats in the flotilla from trying to sail." On Friday night, the Audacity of Hope attempted to sail out of Perama Port, near Athens, with 36 passengers, four...(Read Full Post)