Barack's 'Laugh Factory' Revue

Democrats have to believe Americans are either stupid or stricken by a nationwide epidemic of Attention Deficit Disorder. If anyone takes the time to try to figure out the contradictory things the left says and does, it's so convoluted, nonsensical and ridiculous that, if it weren't so detrimental, one might think it was material for standup comedy at the Laugh Factory. Recently, when Nancy Pelosi made a solo trip to the White House to discuss concerns over spending cuts to entitlement programs, while she was there, the woman who unwillingly gave up the gavel very likely broached the subject of unemployment and job creation as well.  In the past, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi shared the opinion that unemployment benefits create "jobs faster than practically any other program." According to Nancy, abysmal job numbers coupled with doling out additional unemployment benefits should have the job market booming. Ms. Nancy, whose personal income grew by 62% during the recession,...(Read Full Post)