Blame the Jews and Republicans

More and more Americans across the country are beginning to understand -- and resent -- the totalitarian ideology offered by Islam and the efforts to fulfill its imperative to inflict itself on non-Muslims.  Alarmed by what they see happening in European countries that have experienced a large Muslim immigration and better educated about the nature of Islam through the works of writers such as Andrew Bostom and Robert Spencer, as well as many columnists and bloggers, some Americans are beginning to push back against efforts to spread the influence of Shariah law into our courts and banks. The New York Times doesn't like it at all. The Gray Lady features smack dab in the middle of its Sunday front page a picture and the beginning of an accusatory article.   Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times The Man Behind the Anti-Shariah Push By ANDREA ELLIOTT David Yerushalmi, a little-known lawyer from Brooklyn, has come to exercise a striking influence over American public discourse...(Read Full Post)