Arabs and Israelis: What Comes Next, I Said

Uprisings across the Arab world, Palestinians storming Israeli frontier fences, the president of the United States and prime minister of Israel arguing publicly over "secure and recognized borders." To policy makers and pundits, this year's been one surprise after another.   Apparently they have not read my 2002 novel, Total Jihad (RavensYard Publishing Ltd.,), in particular page 75 (anti-regime upheavals in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere), pages 54-55 (storming of the fences) or pages 47-49 and 60-66, among others (Israel forced by the United States and Europe to return to the indefensible pre-'67 armistice lines). As for the "Arab spring," which Total Jihad renders more like a Tehran summer, I admit it -- I confused fundamentalist Saudis with more liberal-minded Tunisians. But there's still time. For Tunisia to regress or the anti-democratic House of Saud to tilt even more in the medievalist Wahhabi direction, that is.  My sister, who lives in Israel with her...(Read Full Post)