Another Mumbai attack kills 21

"There was blood everywhere," said one bystander. He was referring to a bomb that went off in a crowded market. Two other bombs exploded within minutes of that one which has led authorities to believe it was a terrorist attack by unknown assailants. BBC: Three near-simultaneous explosions have shaken India's commercial capital Mumbai (Bombay), police say. Twenty-one people were killed and 113 injured, said Maharashtra state's Chief Minister, Prithviraj Chavan. He called the explosions, during Mumbai's busy evening rush-hour, "a co-ordinated attack by terrorists". One explosion was reported in the Zaveri Bazaar, another in the Opera House business district and a third in Dadar district in the city centre. Police sources were reported as saying the explosions were caused by home-made bombs. The attacks are the deadliest in Mumbai since November 2008 when 10 gunmen launched a three-day co-ordinated raid in which 166 people were killed. The Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba militant group...(Read Full Post)