About that astounding turnabout by Obama

I wrote the article "An astounding turnabout by Obama" that was published in American Thinker yesterday.  As I said in the article, I was so surprised by the president's statement that I waited until it was posted in transcript form on the White House website to respond to it. In the quote, the president used the term "domestic spending."  When I wrote the piece, I was unaware that he had used the phrase in the past to mean discretionary spending. When the president added the word "domestic" to spending, I took it as simply a rhetorical flourish on his part, rather than a significant modifier to the term "spending."  Virtually all federal spending is "domestic" certainly including all entitlements, which are not - yet - offered to foreigners. The press conference on Friday was at the president's volition.  He had had a press conference on the same subject -- the debt ceiling -- as recently as the previous Monday.  So, when I heard that he was willing to cut...(Read Full Post)