A reminder from Solzhenitsyn

Can the kind of communism which Russia experienced after the Revolution in 1917 ever exist in America? According to Russian author and dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn it most certainly can. Deceptive regimes whose leaders talk of economic justice, but deliver hell on earth threaten our freedom to live and work in the way our founding fathers planned for us. The composers of our Constitution entrusted their endeavor to a higher being who blessed America with unimaginable gifts. Freedom "is counted sweetest" by those who have endured the brutality and ugliness of communism, so Aleksandr Solzehnitsyn (1918-2008) winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, prison camp survivor (for writing a letter in 1945 criticizing Stalin), intellectual (but he disdained the gulf between the people and academics) and exiled writer has much to tell us Americans on this Independence Day. Solzhenitsyn was one of the greatest thinkers (others say prophets) of the twentieth century; we are lucky he survived...(Read Full Post)