A Lot More Rhetoric than Change

It's amazing how great a distance the Obama Administration has traveled from the presidential campaign, punctuated by endless criticism of the previous  administration for, among many other imaginings, domestic invasions of privacy, military invasions in the Middle East ending in "quagmire," and torture of the hapless prisoners who should receive a timely trial in domestic court. Now that the President and many of the same advisers are in charge of a real war on real terrorists who really want to attack us with lethal force, there's been one epiphany after another. As to our privacy, a four year extension of the Patriot Act has been signed by the President without any additional protections for civil liberties, raising the same old objections from some in Congress that "executive privilege" goes too far without a public airing of the administration's interpretation of the law. Due to the former Commander in Chief's insistence on the Iraq surge -- while the current President and...(Read Full Post)