Yemen's Saleh in Saudi Arabia for 'medical treatment'

Yesterday's speculation regarding the whereabouts of Yemen's President Saleh has proven to be true. Sources now confirm the injured dictator traveled to Saudi Arabia to get medical treatment for wounds suffered on Friday when the palance was attacked by mortars. Jubilant protestors poured into the streets believing that this was the end of Saleh's rule. Indeed, there are some analysts who believe that this could be a face saving way for Saleh to exit. But most of Saleh's power structure is still in place in Yemen, giving rise to the notion that he will try and re-enter the country and assume power again. Reuters: Some Yemenis celebrated what they hoped would be Saleh's permanent departure, but the jubilation was mixed with firefights and explosions in Sanaa, and gunbattles broke out in the city of Taiz, about 200 km (124 miles) south of the capital. "People are worried about what will happen after Saleh's departure. They're most worried about a military coup or struggles for power...(Read Full Post)